Ozone Layer Deodorant – 2.0 fl oz
Ozone Layer Deodorant – 2.0 fl oz
Choose from the following variations, but keep in mind that you need very little of this deodorant for it to work, so you should not smell like any of the scents listed below a few minutes after application:
  • lavender essential oil - "crisp, clean, uplifting... quite a lot like a flower."
  • tea tree essential oil - "how do you describe tea tree? it smells great!"
  • lemongrass essential oil - "a light, fresh, citrus aroma with earthy undertones."
  • creamy coconut fragrance - "it smells wonderful, nearly good enough to eat! But really, don't eat it."
  • eucalyptus + mint fragrance - "a clean, soothing and relaxing smell, akin to a brisk walk in cool mountain air."
  • jasmine fragrance - "a distinctively rich, warm, floral fragrance that is sweetly exotic."
  • unscented - "ozone has a unique and very subjective scent, the beeswax adds a hint of honey. If you are unsure whether you'll like the smell of ozone, we suggest trying a scent."
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