No Junk… No Joke!

by Todd Platzer, MPH


Ozone Layer Deodorant contains no junk whatsoever. We’ve already written about the 12 toxic chemicals to look out for in deodorant, namely aluminum which enters the lymphatic system and is linked to breast and prostate cancer, and propylene glycol. Your deodorant should contain no junk, and no cheap fillers. Some of the “aluminum free,” “eco-friendly” deodorant options are really just filled up with propylene glycol as the principal ingredient! This is a byproduct of biodiesel production that is linked to allergies, hives, and eczema. It is also extremely cheap.

Ozone Layer Deodorant does not use any cheap fillers. You will receive nothing but unrefined, organic African Shea butter (the highest quality) and unrefined yellow beeswax. Infused with ozone using our state of the art medical-grade oxygen concentration and ozone infusion processes, the end product is so effective that we guarantee Ozone Layer Deodorant will eliminate odor instantly and keep you smelling fresh, naturally.

In Ozone Layer Deodorant, there is nothing to hide, just all natural oxygen-rich shea butter and beeswax. It is more effective than any deodorant you can find elsewhere and with no long-term adverse health consequences that you might expect with aluminum and other potentially harmful chemicals in other deodorants.

Give Ozone Layer Deodorant a try, risk free, it will amaze you.




Todd Platzer, MPH

Public Health Master’s from NW Ohio Consortium for Public Health