A Few Thoughts on How To Use Natural Deodorant

~ A Few Thoughts on How to Use Natural Deodorant ~

  1. Stop thinking it should always last all day every day or through all of your sweatiest workouts, that’s the compromise you make when you decide to live healthier, chemical free and (just maybe) longer.
  2. Some of them work really well, sometimes even better, when applied after you are experiencing some body odor.
    1. So, maybe keep one at work and one in your gym bag?
    2. Maybe, and this is a significant maybe for most people, just maybe don’t put it on every day? I don’t, but the deodorant I use works really well after I smell and I keep a stick in my tennis bag, one at work and one in my car.
  3. Stay away from baking soda if you have sensitive skin.
    1. If you are switching to natural deodorant because chemical deodorants cause irritation or even skin rashes in your armpits, you will probably need to avoid baking soda based deodorants. Try Ozone Layer Deodorant! #NoBakingSoda

From someone that’s eats pretty well (I still eat a good amount of cheeseburgers), lives an active lifestyle, but never tried to avoid chemicals and preservatives until the past few years, natural deodorant took a little getting used to. However, don’t you think that every significant change or improvement in your life takes a little getting used to?

I don’t think I’m a hippy, at least I didn’t used to be and perhaps that’s for you to decide, but I’ve been using natural deodorant without baking soda for over 3 straight years now. That is what I’ve learned.

Don’t worry about putting it on absolutely every day, you probably don’t need it… I know I don’t.

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