What does Ozone smell like?

Ozone is what you smell when lightning strikes or an arc is created from an electrical outlet. You will also smell it at the ocean with waves crashing and when it rains, but very subtle. It is a subjective scent, some people think of it as a clean, fresh scent and others just don’t like it. Our unscented deodorant smells strongly of ozone, therefore we suggest anyone unfamiliar with the unique smell of ozone to try one of our great scented deodorants!  


What are your most popular scents?

Our three most popular scents, they are all about even in popularity, include Lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus + Mint fragrance and Creamy Coconut fragrance. Those three scents also mask the unique scent of ozone very effectively. Co-founders Todd and Reid’s favorites are Lemongrass and Lavender, respectively.


Are you carried in any stores?

Yes! We are currently carried in about 40 stores in the U.S., mostly on the East Coast, but also in Arizona and California as well as in downtown Budapest, Hungary! A list of the stores that carry all natural Ozone Layer Deodorant can be seen at our store locations page.


Do you ship outside of the U.S.?

Yes we do! Shipments all over the world are now automated through the website.

How do I use Ozone Layer Deodorant?

Like any other deodorant product. There are no tricks, except to LIGHTLY APPLY to the underarm, achieving full coverage and go about your day. In our experience it even works to deodorize after a physical activity because it eliminates bacteria naturally through oxidation. Also, ozone is powerful enough that you don’t need to apply as much as other deodorants, we recommend that you apply one or two “strokes” before running around, but don’t hesitate to apply it after playing some sweaty badminton because it will still eliminate any odor on your skin without you having to shower off. Keep in mind though, your shirt might be stinky, but it can also be applied to clothing to eliminate odor!


I smell Ozone Layer Deodorant on myself all day and into the evening, is that normal?

NO, stop putting so much on! 🙂 All natural Ozone Layer Deodorant is powerful stuff and very little is necessary for all day odor protection. Most people are simply used to applying a lot of deodorant because that used to be the only way to keep odor at bay with propylene glycol chemical based deodorants, but Ozone Layer Deodorant is different. When a customer of ours is bothered by the smell of the deodorant it is typically because they are applying too much. The deodorant is effective with a small amount and you need to apply very little of it for all day odor protection. If you smell the deodorant on yourself 5-10 minutes after application then you probably applied too much.


If I forget to put it on, can I apply it after I’m sweaty and smelly from playing Spikeball?

Most definitely! We do it all the time. (The point here is, that even after working out or having “body odor,” you can apply our deodorant to rid yourself of odor-causing bacteria!)


How does Ozone Layer Deodorant work?

We have a three step process that infuses oxygen directly into our 2 simple ingredients. The result is a product that is completely safe and effective, while not containing any of the toxic ingredients common to many cosmetic products on the marketplace today, like aluminum and propylene glycol. It works by creating a time-releasing oxygen layer of protection to the underarm which destroys the anaerobic bacteria that are responsible for body odor. For more information, check out How Ozone Deodorant Works.


Does it contain any fragrances?

Three of them do, but they are each Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Phthalate Free, Paraben Free, Free of Artificial Colors and skin safe. Creamy Coconut, Jasmine and Eucalyptus + Mint are fragrances we use from http://naturalessentialsbeauty.com/faq. Lavender, Lemongrass and Tea Tree are the essential oils we use the other respective varieties. What’s your favorite fragrance? Really, tell us what your favorite fragrance is on our Contact Us page.  If you are nice to us we might make a deodorant with the fragrance of your choice!


What plastics do you use to package your deodorant products?

All of our deodorant containers are BPA free plastics that are 100% recyclable polypropylene.


What type of shipping materials do you use?

We are proud to use only 100% Made from Recycled material shipping and packaging materials.


Is it Certified Organic?

Ozone Layer Deodorant is not actually organic any more. Shea butter is much more predictable and safe for the skin after being refined. We may not be certified organic, but we choose to be completely transparent about all of the our ingredients, which are listed in detail on our How It Works page. 


Is it Cruelty Free?

It most certainly is! We love animals and think that animals should only ever be used for the purpose of cuddling, NEVER FOR TESTING! We refined our deodorant formula and technology by testing it on ourselves! Everything appears to be fine with us so far. 😉


The deodorant appears oily when applied… will it absorb?

All natural Ozone Layer Deodorant works in a unique way that you’ll first see and feel with the beeswax and shea butter on your skin, but you’ll notice that they absorb fully within minutes, moisturizing your skin and leaving a silky non-greasy feel.


Does it contain any aluminum?

NO! There is absolutely no aluminum in Ozone Layer Deodorant. Many companies try to hide the aluminum in their deodorant and anti-antiperspirants by calling it “aluminum salts” or “aluminum chloro-hydrate.” Don’t forget to look behind the curtain! The following antiperspirants are heavily laden with aluminum.

Antiperspirants with Large Amounts of Aluminum:

      • 5 Day® Antiperspirant Pads (25%)

      • Mitchum® Power Gel (25%)

      • Certain Dri® Solid (25%)

      • ODABAN® Spray(20%)

      • Drysol® and Xerac AC® Solid (20%)

      • Mitchum® Solid (20%)

      • Secret® Clinical Strength Solid (20%)

      • Gillete® Clinical Strength Solid (20%)

      • Anhydrol Forte® Roll-on (20%)

Antiperspirants with Moderate Amounts of Aluminum:

      • Secret® Regular Strength Invisible Solid (19%)

      • Ban Invisible solid (19%)

      • Suave 24 Hour Protection Solid (18.2%)

      • Degree® invisible Solid (17.8%)

      • Sure® Original Solid (16%)

      • Lady Speed Stick® Solid 24/7 (15.4%)

      • Dove® Invisible Solid (14.8%)

      • Soft and Dri Clear Glide Invisible Solid (13%)

      • Certain Dri® Roll-on (12%)


Does it stain my clothing?

No way! Antiperspirants are to blame for that mysterious “yellow armpit stain” that forms on shirts over time. Don’t be self conscious about your yellow arm pits, that’s your current deodorant’s fault, not yours! Try some stain free, all natural, guaranteed to keep you smelling fresh deodorant with concentrated oxygen and ozone, we promise you won’t regret it. Ozone Layer has never left any stains on the clothing of our customers or our beta-testers. If you need help removing stains from the shirts that your old aluminum laden deodorants ruined, check out this link on Wiki How to remove those ridiculous pit stains.


The smell seems somehow familiar to me. Is that rain?

Yes, it is rain. You have smelled ozone before, it is a naturally occurring scent that occurs during and after rainfall. It is the scent created by the ocean when waves break or when lightning strikes. It is a very distinctive, clean aroma that is often naturally associated with freshness. Fortunately, it is also the same wonderful scent associated with a molecule that is naturally effective at eliminating the very anaerobic bacteria responsible for typical “body-odor”. Eliminate and prevent that body-odor smell with the scent of rain! (Also available in Tea Tree and Lavender scents)


When will my order be shipped?

Orders are usually shipped within 12 hours of receipt of payment Monday – Friday. All orders are shipped via USPS and arrival times are typically 2-4 business days depending on the destination in the U.S.


What is the shelf-life of Ozone Layer Deodorant?

The shelf life of Ozone Layer Deodorant is 24-30 months depending on how it is stored. Store it with the cap on in a cool, dark environment and it will last longer. Recent research indicates that ozonated oils have a shelf life of up to 10 years with minimal reduction in efficacy. We would prefer that you finish your deodorant well before that, and order again! 🙂


What if water gets in my deodorant?

Water should not adversely affect the efficacy of ozone in application. Water contamination should not prove to be an issue if the deodorant is used regularly.


Do you plan on offering more products in the future?

Absolutely! We are constantly working on new scents for Ozone Layer Deodorants using essential oils and various fragrances. Please, let us know what kind of scent you are a fan of because we really like hearing from you, and we might make a beta-test scent of Ozone Layer Deodorant just for you!


I am interested in carrying your products in our store, who do I contact and do you have wholesale pricing?

That’s our favorite question! We do provide wholesale pricing for retail. Please send an email to Support@OzoneDeodorant.com or fill out our contact form on the Contact Us page.


Thanks for your interest, you are super cool because of it, but that’s not the only reason we think you’re great 😉

Send us a message, we love hearing from you!