“All natural deodorants don’t work!” … except this one.

Have you or someone you know ever said that all natural deodorants like Tom’s of Maine or the salt crystal thing doesn’t work? Or, that maybe it works for a few hours, but that you will end up stinking anyway? I talk to people every day about deodorant and I hear that all the time!

The next question is, have you ever tried the only all natural deodorant that is guaranteed to work? If you are still using anything other than all natural Ozone Layer Deodorant then I am certain that you haven’t.

Ozone Layer Deodorant is all natural, organic and it is guaranteed to work for everyone because it eliminates the very anaerobic bacteria that cause body odor. In fact, it is so effective at eliminating odor that it can be applied after you already smell because it kills the bacteria that’s causing odor in the first place!

All natural Ozone Layer Deodorant is guaranteed to work because it eliminates the anaerobic bacteria that cause odor through oxidation.

I don’t pretend to read minds, but I bet that you are wondering how this is possible.

I’ll tell you!

All natural Ozone Layer Deodorant is simply African shea butter and beeswax, but an oxygen infusion process utilizing ozone (that’s where we got the name) is used to instill concentrated oxygen into the shea butter, which is what makes Ozone Layer Deodorant so different and effective. It is the concentrated oxygen that oxidizes the cell walls of odor causing anaerobic bacteria on contact, eliminating and preventing odor all day.

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