all natural deodorant recipe

There are a lot of DIY natural deodorant recipes on the internet now, but a lot of them require the use of baking soda or other ingredients that can actually be irritating to the skin. Almost anything is better than using aluminum, which is used as an antiperspirant in corporate deodorant formulas, but avoiding potentially cancer causing aluminum is not the only need for people with sensitive skin that also need to avoid propylene glycol, baking soda or other skin irritants.

Thankfully, there is all natural Ozone Layer Deodorant, which is aluminum free and great for sensitive skin. Infused with Oxygen, a natural patent pending technology that eliminates the anaerobic bacteria responsible for body odor, a mixture of just shea butter and beeswax is all that is necessary for Ozone Layer Deodorant to work. Baking soda actually works on the same principle that Oxygen does, killing the bacteria that cause odor, the difference is that oxygen is great for everyone’s skin!

If you are still reading this, you might be thinking… “Where’s the deodorant recipe?!?” Well here it is. We respect and encourage the DIY community in making their own deodorant, especially in keeping aluminum away from the skin of any humans and animals. What we can do is provide the oxygen infused shea butter or our shea butter and beeswax mixture infused with oxygen to customers wishing to add any other ingredients or to use their own fragrance / essential oil etc.

For those wishing to use our patented oxygen infusion technology in their own home-made DIY deodorant, we can sell oxygen infused shea butter in various quantities depending on your needs. Simply send us an email to and ask us about the DIY Ozone Layer Deodorant club. We can provide quantities of raw oxygen infused natural material for an individual, a family or a family and their friends! Just let us know what you would like.